A Taste of Anthropology



How much is this retreat and what will I get for the price?

     The retreat price is US$6,000 to be paid by March 7, 2017.  This includes accommodation, meals, amenities, excursion transportation, excursion fees and materials costs.  You will be responsible for your airfare to and from Bali.  You will also be responsible for your transportation costs to and from the airport and the retreat location.


May I stay for less time than the full 25 days?

     You are encouraged to stay for the full 25 days so that you can really immerse yourself in the cultures of Indonesia.  However, if you cannot stay all 25 days, you may leave early.  If you stay 12 days or less, the retreat price is US$4,000 payable by March 7, 2017.


Why are there no refunds?

     A great deal of time, energy and planning has gone into making this retreat a reality.  You will find that you will also put a great deal of time, energy and planning into coming on this retreat.  It is important to respect this and commit to going.  That being said, you may purchase trip cancellation insurance to cover yourself should you find that an emergency prevents you from attending the retreat.


Why am I being asked to apply to this retreat and answer questions?

     This retreat isn’t an ordinary retreat.  It also isn’t an ordinary travel experience, tour or course.  By answering questions you will allow Professor Burlingame to tailor the anthropology information that will be taught.  It will also allow Professor Burlingame to tailor the excursions in Bali that will best support this anthropology learning.  In other words, this is a bespoke (or boutique) travel and learning experience!  You are being asked to apply because only five students will be invited on this retreat.


Why are only five students being invited?
     Firstly, people learn best in small groups.  It's not that people can't learn in large classes, it's that smaller groups aid learning more, and for a longer duration, due to students having more opportunities for individualized attention and greater social interactions with their instructor.  Secondly, too many people on this retreat will cut down on the chances for everyone to enjoy their own bliss.  Thirdly, five students will be more convenient to maneuver around Ubud and its general surrounds.  Lastly, tourism in Bali contributes to astronomical levels of environmental damage.  A compact group of people will tread more lightly upon Bali's natural resources.


Where will I be staying?

     Retreat accommodations will be in a Balinese style home near the celebrated city of Ubud.  You will have your own room with a shared bathroom.  Balinese style meals will be prepared and served in the home.  There will be a cleaning service, a gardening service and security.


How will I spend my days on the retreat?

     Monday through Friday you may begin your day with yoga and breakfast before joining Professor Burlingame for anthropology instruction and classroom activities.  Weekday afternoons will be reserved for lunch, individual projects and/or anthropology excursions that will support and reinforce classroom learning with hands-on activities.  Weekday evenings will include dinner, music, dancing and socializing.  Your weekends are free to schedule as you please.  For instance, you may want to attend the jazz festival that will be happening in Ubud on August 12th and 13th.  However, you may find that relaxing at the retreat and enjoying home cooked meals is as ambitious as your weekend plans get!


What are some examples of the anthropology excursions being planned?

     Some of the possible anthropology excursions may include: The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary; An Indigenous Farm; Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppet Show; Kecak Dance Show; Balinese Cooking Class; Goa Gajah Temple Cave; Indonesian Independence Day Festival; Bumi Sehat (Healthy Earth Mother) Birth Clinic; Indonesian Language Class; Herbal Medicine Walking Tour.


Where do I go if I have more questions and I want more information?

     You may email us.  You may attend one of Professor Burlingame’s lectures, workshops or dinners and ask for more information afterwards.



Professor Burlingame cordially invites you to enjoy this unique and exciting travel experience! Come join us in Bali!


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