A Taste of Anthropology

For ambitious parents and guardians seeking to provide their children with quality homeschooling enrichment, advancement and test preparation using anthropological and active learning techniques, Professor Burlingame offers SUBJECT TUTORING, SUMMER INTENSIVES and G&T TEST PREP

Subject Tutoring

Learn and improve in academic subject and test understanding and proficiency through game and activity-based private tutoring for students Pre-Kindergarten through High School in New York City and anywhere through digital subscription.  Please read more HERE.

Summer Intensive

Stop the summer learning slump with this 12 session, New York City-based academic adventure meant to maintain and improve your child's understanding of English Language Arts and Arithmetic concepts into the new school year.  A digital subscription is also available.  Please read more HERE.

Gifted and Talented Test Preparation

Please Note:  The New York City G&T program has been altered.  This gifted and talented test preparation is now available for students in New York State and other states located in the U.S.

Play-based and private test preparation tutoring for children.  Please read more HERE.

Professor Burlingame's An Anthropologist's Guide to Gifted and Talented Test Preparation (2018) can be purchased HERE.

Professor Burlingame's An Anthropologist's Workbook for Gifted and Talented Test Preparation (2020) can be purchased HERE.

Questions?  Email Us Here: workerbeewisdom@email.com


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